Is A Bed Frame Essential When Buying A Bed?

Do you wonder if you need a bed frame for your mattress? Wondering which bed frame is the best for the mattress type you have? Do you need a bed frame because it improves the longevity of your mattress?

A bed frame can positively impact sleep quality, giving the body support while sleeping. Understand how important it is to have a bed frame, and if you have made it, you are now ready to buy bed frame with storage.

What does a bed frame mean?

A bed frame or bed foundation supports the mattress. Like all the sleepy-time accessories, they are available in:

  • All shapes
  • All sizes
  • All kinds of materials

It is all down to your preference. Learn more about the different types of bed frames, each is available in the following:

  • Designs
  • Features
  • Construction

Purpose of bed frame

The point of the bed frame is to give the mattress elevation and better support. By supporting the mattress, a bed frame prevents sagging and more even weight distribution while sleeping. In turn, it supports the body and enhances the comfort overnight. The different bed frame types improve the following:

  • temperature control
  • add storage space
  • protect the mattress from damage

Sleep quality has a significant impact on the physical and mental conditions of the body. Getting a quality bed frame means getting quality sleep, which is a solid investment in your well-being.

Storage space

Some bed frames or bases come with built-in storage boxes and built-in drawers, which can be a great addition to homes of all sizes. You can keep all these to the mattress’s base on various compartments, such as:

  • sheets
  • pillows
  • Temperature control

Ventilation can keep you cool overnight. Most people feel hotter when hitting the hay, which means they sweat and transfer the body heat to the mattresses. The lack of ventilation becomes a bigger concern if the mattress is made with materials that trap body heat like memory foam mattresses.

Putting a little lift on the sleep surface means the airflow is free overnight to keep the bed from getting too hot. The panel bed frame’s slatted base can promote better airflow, while the platform bed frame has a solid surface to keep warmer.


Having a nice bedroom is essential and the bed frames make any bedroom go from drab to fab in just seconds. Crafty people decorate even a plain-looking bed headboard and footboard, while others choose elegant wooden foundations with rails that complement modern aesthetics.