Day: April 2, 2024

Diamonds – a Woman’s Best Friends

Diamond studded engagement rings are solitaires that shine along with the smile of a woman all set to enter into a wedlock with her beloved. Measured in carats, these invaluable gemstones are identified by the cuts that bestow them with their most sought-after glitter. Prices Cut, Marquise Cut being the prominent amongst the cuts, there are many more.

With such prominent characteristics, it is important to make a purchase from the best engagement ring jewelers.

The following tips come handy in buying these special and memorable ornaments.

  1. As much as the purse can buy: Considered to be expensive stones, it is a worthwhile move to check the purse before proceeding to buy one.
  2. A clear reflection of the personality of the lady love: Delving into the jewelry preferences of the woman coupled with her lifestyle will provide insights into choosing the right match for her.
  3. Design Parameters: Talking of design, this includes the 4Cs, namely: color, carat, cut, clarity and shape of these precious stones which add a class of style and look to their invaluable ornament.

Color: It is interesting to note that colorless stones are highly valuable, while streaks of yellow tinges sometimes feature. In contrast, thick colored stones are sometimes expensive compared to their colorless counterparts, with fancy rings sporting different colors of the palette.

Carat: A measure of the size of the stone, in direct correlation with their price. Hence choosing a small carat stone will not only be easy on the purse but will provide the spouse the much needed satisfaction of possessing a solitaire.

Clarity: Insignificant blemishes to the stone should not be the reason for rejection. In fact their presence speaks about their uniqueness. These minute aberrations should be weighed against the shine and durability of the stone, when making a purchase.

Cut: The last of the 4 Cs is an important factor providing the reflection to light. A superb cut result in better dispersal of light into secondary colors at the top of the gemstone.

Shape: Talking about the contour of the stone, generally emanating from the type of cut that is given to the stone. Ranging from round to pear cut to heart cut, one can choose a shape that appeals the most.

  1. Authorized Certifications: Gemologists associated with popular labs provide these stones with certifications professing them to be certified pieces of stone.
  2. It always pays to be safe: A second opinion when making such a huge investment is a wise move to avoid being duped.