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Top 5 Preventative Measures For Unclogging Drains, As Recommended By A Professional Plumber

Everyone hates it when they have to fix a clogged drain. It’s inconvenient, unpleasant, and causes a lot of extra work for you. You may try a few things before giving up and calling a plumber to unclog your drain. If you want to prevent a clogged drain, follow these five suggestions from  

  1. Put in filters and stoppers

Hair, food scraps, or other debris may clog drains, but stoppers and filters can prevent this from happening. Avoid a backup by routinely clearing out your pin or filter to prevent it from being clogged.

  1. Do not flush grease down the toilet

Even if grease washes away easily when it’s hot, it immediately hardens after cooling. Grease accumulates and causes a clog in pipes. Put the used oil in a coffee can or jar before throwing it away.


  1. Plumbing ServicesWarm up the water in your sink every so often

Once every few weeks, pour a pot of boiling water down your drain to help melt away any built-up grease or soap scum that might cause a clog. Take caution to do this sparingly since the constant exposure to hot water might deteriorate the pipes in certain plumbing systems.

  1. Don’t flush your hair down the toilet, and don’t allow it to drain

Due to its rapid accumulation, hair is one of the most prevalent reasons for clogged drains. Put strainers in your sinks and bathtubs, and clean them regularly to avoid having hair end up in the drain. Petroleum jelly applied to the gutters helps prevent stray hairs from entering the drain.

  1. Be careful what you flush (or don’t flush) down the toilet.

Human excrement and toilet paper are the only items that should be flushed down the toilet. Many goods, even those marketed as “flushable,” end up clogging drains and toilets. This includes things like disposable wipes, sanitary napkins, and paper towels. Instead of keeping them, throw them away.

Following these easy steps can help you maintain clean drains and prevent the need for expensive plumbing repairs or replacements. Although Precision Plumbing is always ready to aid a blockage, we encourage you to take preventative measures whenever possible.